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IRESS opens up XPLAN to more integrations through APIs

5 December 2018

IRESS has opened its XPLAN software to allow third party software providers to directly access and integrate with it.

It is part of the IRESS Open initiative, designed to grow the number of integrations available to clients through IRESS by making access to its existing APIs simpler and easier.

IRESS said clients would be able to integrate XPLAN with third party applications in two ways; standard integrations and custom integrations.

The former will allow clients to directly engage with third party providers and integrate XPLAN to a third party application simply and directly. It enables the transfer of data with the third party application, will rely on a clients’ permission and will not require product development. The latter will see IRESS and the third party provider working together to develop and embed functionality within the user interface.

Aaron Knowles, IRESS’ group executive – product, said the combination of standard and custom integrations will provide clients with more choice.

He said: “We are experiencing increased demand from clients who want to be able to directly connect a third party application to their IRESS product – without product development work needing to be undertaken.

“Standard integrations will make it simpler and easier for third party applications to be available to clients and users through XPLAN and, over time, to more of our products. This will further open XPLAN and enable clients to determine what makes up their technology ecosystem.”

The company said standard integrations will be available from January 2019.

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