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iPipeline’s SolutionBuilder integrated with Time4Advice’s Curo

16 November 2017

iPipeline has integrated its client-centric portal SolutionBuilder with Time4Advice’s client management system Curo, focused on helping advisers build their protection business.

The integration will allow advisers to research and compare both single and multi-benefit protection products on one screen. Paul Yates, product strategy director at iPipeline (pictured), said the partnership demonstrated the role technology has to play in driving sales growth.

Client data is entered and stored within Curo and then securely transferred into SolutionBuilder, enabling advisers to more efficiently research and quote multiple products including Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection. All key compliance documents are pulled back from SolutionBuilder into Curo.

Following a successful pilot with Clarion Wealth Management, the integration has now been rolled out to other advisers with SolutionBuilder.

Yates said: “Working with Time4Advice to offer efficiency and effectiveness in advising on protection demonstrates how technology is key to helping drive sales growth and ensuring advisers have the right tools to offer the best outcome for clients. With SolutionBuilder’s track record of growing protection business, we’re excited to be offering this to Curo’s advisers.”

Rolan Rawicz-Szczerbo, founder and director, Time4Advice, added: “Integrating Curo with SolutionBuilder allows advisers to further remove barriers to talk about protection to their clients. The ability to quote multiple benefits and then view and compare the results on one screen ensures advisers can identify the best products for their clients. The integration allows a smooth transition of data from end-to-end and has set a high benchmark for our future integrations.”

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