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iPipeline expands quoting capability via SolutionBuilder

25 June 2018

iPipeline has announced it is further expanding its quoting capability via SolutionBuilder. 

In January 2018, it introduced the ability to quote General Insurance products via the system and Paymentshield has since joined the service allowing quotes ofr Buildings and Contents. This capability was initially launched with the Openwork network and has since had a wider release to the whole of market.

The ability to quote additional products within one system also allows adviser firms to utilise existing client data, with no need to re-key in a separate quoting system.

The solution supports all views of single and multi-benefit products so that paraplanners can quickly identify and recommend the right cover for each client’s protection needs and budget.

Over the next few months, SolutionBuilder will also feature the ability to quote for wider protection cover which will include ASU.

Ian Teague, managing director at iPipeline, said: “Being able to consider and secure life and general insurance at the same time, utilising one set of client data, speeds up the process no end, ensuring clients are better protected in a fast, continuous way.”

“These are products that should be being considered as part of the protection package, especially when a mortgage is being arranged. Having the products available there and then, will make it much more likely for advisers to add into their advice portfolio – especially when they can see the quality and competitiveness of these products.”

Paul Shearman, Mortgage, Protection and GI Proposition director, Openwork said the network had experience of using SolutionBuilder for the protection side of the business and was now applying “our understanding and learnings to the General Insurance side. With SolutionBuilder already integrated with OWS, our Client Management System, our advisers will be able to fully address the total cost of protecting the client’s mortgaged property within one system. We are confident that this integration will further enhance our advisers’ ability to protect their clients further.”

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