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Investors expect stockmarket fall in 2019

2 December 2018

Nearly one in five investors expect the UK stockmarket to fall by over 10% in the next six months, according to survey.

Research from Willis Owen amongst nearly 1,000 UK retail investors reveals that 17% of people expect the UK stock market to fall by over 10% between now and April 2019; 6% anticipate a correction of more than 15%.

Of those expecting the UK stock market to fall, 71% cited Brexit as a key reason for this.  This is followed by 41% and 37% citing increased political risk or a UK recession respectively.

Due to the uncertainty around Brexit, 42% of UK investors  intend to reduce their exposure to UK equities and bonds over the next six months. Furthermore, of those expecting the UK stock market to decline, 25% intend to increase their cash holding, and 21% plan to invest more in overseas stock markets. One in five (20%) also plan to reduce the amount they save and invest on a regular basis.

However, 46% of investors believe that any correction in the UK stock market over the next six months could be an attractive long-term investment opportunity.

Commenting on the survey results, Adrian Lowcock, head of Personal Investing, Willis Owen said:“Even after the sell-off in markets in October investors remain nervous of the UK market. Our research reveals Brexit is putting off investors, and this is a dominant trend across both professional and retail investors and is reflected in industry wide data. However, investors should think longer-term when considering their portfolios. The UK looks good value for long-term investors.”

The survey was conducted with 984 retail investors in the UK.

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