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Invesco to speak at Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminars

12 May 2017

We are delighted to announce that Invesco Perpetual will be speaking at the remaining four Technical Insight Seminars of 2017.

Their session is titled – Multi Asset investing – multiple choices

Matthew Parlour, Nationals & Networks Account Manager at Invesco Perpetual will explore how the approaches to multi-asset investing have proliferated in recent years, providing investors with increasing choices, but also adding a level of complexity to the fund selection process. The starting point will be to peel back those layers of complexity is to add context by looking at the current multi-asset landscape. Look at how behavioural finance can allow for a better understanding of investor bias, in terms of rationale, decision-making and emotions. He will then quantify the scale of the multi-asset universe; show its recent growth, its pervasiveness and its tremendous diversity in terms of the types of fund and their historical returns and levels of risk.

Taking a look at how the multi-asset universe has evolved from ‘traditional’ funds, such as balanced and long-only multi-asset funds, to the more sophisticated ‘modern’ multi-asset funds, such as those adopting risk targeting or multi-strategy approaches. Highlighting the key characteristics of each of these approaches and how they differ from each other.

Finally looking at five core considerations (growth, income requirements, diversification, volatility and security) that should be appraised when deciding which multi-asset approach is the most appropriate for individual client needs. Providing insight into some of the key practical and technical aspects of each consideration and look at how each multi-asset approach rates on each of these considerations, both on an absolute basis and compared to each other.

At the end of the session paraplanners will:

• Understand how behavioural finance can provide understanding of investor bias.
• Understand the current multi-asset landscape and how it has evolved.
• Know how to differentiate between the various multi-asset approaches.
• Analyse the key considerations when comparing multi-asset funds.

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