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Intelliflo Docusign integration enables digital signatures

14 March 2018

Intellifo has integrated DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform and eSignature service into its new iO Store, enabling online signatures to be obtained for essential documents via the online app. 

Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s executive chairman (pictured), said: “The integration of the DocuSign app allows our clients to streamline the document signature processes with their end clients for all sorts of important agreements, speeding up the approval process and improving overall operational efficiency to create a better client experience.  All this tightly integrated to ensure compliance with GDPR.”

The iO store has been designed to allow new software partners and other providers to publish their functionality as integrated offerings, which can be installed by users of Intellifo’s Intelligent Office.

Eatock added: “We want to enhance our customers’ operational experience as much as possible, which is why we’ve made a rich set of APIs publicly available to any company that can offer services that will benefit UK financial advisers.”

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