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Innovative ISA launched aimed at film and entertainment

29 January 2018

Fyzz ISA offers investors into independent films up to 5% pa over 6o month term.

Savings have been given an injection of glamour with the launch of an innovative finance ISA specialising in funding films and entertainment projects.

The Fyzz ISA will allow UK savers to invest anywhere between £2,000 and £20,000 per year into upcoming, independent film projects. In return, their investment offers returns of up to 5% per annum over a 60-month term.

Savers will be able to follow the projects they are supporting from pre-production all the way to the big screen.

The initiative is the brainchild of The Fyzz Facility Capital plc and its sister company The Fyzz Facility Limited – a film finance company with a 7-year history of supporting independent films.

The Fyzz Facility said savers can be “reassured” by the fact that all Fyzz ISA loans made into projects are secured and asset-backed. As a result, returns are not dependent on ultimate execution or box office performance.

Wayne Marc Godfrey, joint CEO of The Fyzz Facility, said: “When we started The Fyzz Facility in 2010. We had the mission to build a business that would support the creation and production of world class independent films while at the same time offering investors returns competitive with other alternative sectors. Over the last seven years The Fyzz Facility has more than made good on its intention and has established itself as one of the preeminent lenders in the industry.”

Joint CEO of The Fyzz Facility, Robert Jones, added: “Through the Fyzz ISA, for the first time, we are offering UK savers and people who love and wish to support independent films the opportunity to participate in this exciting investment arena at a much lower entry point than has previously been possible. With as little as £2,000 savers can now invest alongside our existing high net worth clients and help bring independent films to the big screen.”

Through The Fyzz Facility, the team behind The Fyzz Isa have invested more than $280m into over 200 feature film loans since 2010.

Investment into the ISA should be considered long term and is into an inherently risky area, with risks including failure of the film to be made, failure of the agent to secure sales, distributor fails to pay balance of the contract value.

The Fyzz Facility Capital said it had “comprehensive controls in place”, and “ targets only well-collateralised, low-risk investments”.

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