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Impact Investing Review analyses funds across UK retail market

26 June 2017

Worthstone has released what it says is the first ever UK Retail Impact Investing Review for the financial advice market.

The review is the result of a collaboration between Worthstone and 3D Investing and contains analysis of the spectrum of impact investment funds registered for sale to UK retail investors alongside a comprehensive view of the impact landscape.

Impact Investing assesses the societal and environmental impact of an investment alongside analysing risk and return; a third dimension to investment analysis.

Worthstone says impact investing has been gaining momentum in the UK and overseas for the last few years and while traditionally it has been difficult to quantify or understand the impact dimension for mainstream investments, the review shows that there is a sizeable universe of funds available to UK retail investors that are targeting positive impact – across asset classes and impact categories.

It also illustrates how impact focus can vary across funds which are often marketed under similar banners – illustrating the need for full research and thorough product due diligence to understand the underlying specifics of each fund in the impact universe.

Gavin Francis, CEO of Worthstone, said the review also shows that investors do not have to trade-off between realising positive impact and achieving competitive market rate returns.

“Investors have the opportunity to hold diversified multi-asset portfolios, achieve competitive returns and positive impact through their investments. We believe such a proposition is compelling to many UK retail investors evidenced by various research reports that confirm high interest levels in impact investing likely to lead to increased growth over time.

“This comprehensive review of the UK impact market establishes that a fundamental building block is in place for the market to breach the mainstream as it is now possible to build a multi-asset portfolio using funds which have a positive impact dimension.”

The review can be downloaded free copy here: UK Retail Impact Investment Review by clicking this link.



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