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i4C cashflow tool integrates with Intelliflo

3 October 2018

Cashflow modelling application i4C has launched its live integration with financial software specialist Intelliflo.

Users of Intelliflo will have the ability to rollout cashflow modelling for their clients across one platform, with inputted data consistent across applications.

The company said the software provides “a single unified application, designed to be used across all clients, from the most complex to the simplest”. It allows for adjustment of clients’ future objectives in real-time, while also creating, comparing and illustrating different scenarios.

Mark Harman, CEO, i4C, said: “Paraplanners using the platform will now be able to create simple or complex cashflow modelling scenarios, while also having the ability to enter clear and consistent data across applications, providing a great opportunity to improve compliance levels.”

i4C is available through Intelliflo’s iOStore, as part of its drive to enable clients to adapt or build functionality which matches their business requirements.

Pictured: The i4C team

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