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Fundsmith Equity most researched fund on FE Analytics

14 January 2019

Fundsmith Equity was the most researched fund in 2018 data from FE Analytics has revealed.

FE said the fund “led the pack by some way this year”, being researched 45% more than the second most researched fund, the Woodford Equity Income. The £16bn Fundsmith fund was awarded the maximum five FE Crown rating when FE rebalanced the ratings in July and manager, Terry Smith, is an FE Alpha Manager.

The fund  most researched in 2017 – Alexander Darwall’s Jupiter European Fund – was fourth in the table. While the 2016 winner Standard Life’s Global Absolute Return Strategies (GARS), was 15th, from sixth in 2017.

FE research manager, Charles Younes (pictured) said: “Terry Smith is one of the most well-known UK managers and the fund continues to outperform peers, so it is not a surprise that it is so well researched by advisers.”

Also highlighted by FE is the Fidelity Global Special Situations. This was the most researched fund in 2018, having been 78th in 2017.

Commenting on the rise, Younes said: “Manager, Jeremy Podger, was handed this portfolio in 2012 after it suffered a period of underperformance and was given free rein to refashion it, which he has done with some success so far. His ability to generate returns from various types of opportunity is impressive, and testament to the skill and experience he has accumulated over his career. Risk management is such a key part of the process and the team are passionate about the portfolio being driven by good stock picking, which is something on which they have consistently delivered.”

However, the Fundsmith Equity recently took a knock when Hargreaves Lansdown slash its Wealth 150 funds list to just 50, leaving the fund out of the list, reportedly due to its higher costs.

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