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Focus Solutions launches cashflow planning tool

3 June 2018

Adviser software provider Focus Solutions has introduced a new cashflow planning tool, using Moody’s Analytics to build in more informed growth rates.

The firm described Now:Plan Cash Flow 2.0 as an interactive, digital cashflow modeller, designed with ease of use and functionality in mind.

The new tool will enable advisers and paraplanners to outline and compare multiple scenarios quickly and easily and discuss the impact of varying market conditions on investments with clients.

The company said features include interactive modelling of real-life client scenarios; demonstrating market crashes and varying conditions; journey from fact find to graph within 30 seconds; drag and drop ‘what ifs’ for real time results; option to chart IHT liability and LTA; and initial and ongoing costs at product level.

Steve Andrews, head of managed services at Focus Solutions, said the launch of Now:Plan Cash Flow 2.0 followed feedback from adviser firms expressing a desire for a comprehensive but simple cash flow tool.

He said: “It’s an effective system for testing a client’s capacity for loss and tolerance of risk by modelling different outcomes for investment returns, income and expenditure. We believe this type of detailed planning enriches the advice process and client relationship.”

Tom Hutt of Hutt Professional Financial Planning, said: “Cashflow planning enables us as advisers to clearly illustrate an often-complex financial plan for our clients. Increasing client engagement in the planning process is invaluable so the ability to easily change and adapt the model with drag and drop functions is very powerful when used interactively during client meetings, bringing to life the effect that decisions will have on their future financial position.”

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