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Focus launches new client-interactive software

8 November 2018

Fintech provider Focus Solutions has designed new software aimed at making the advice process an interactive and streamlined experience.

The company described focus:digital as a game-changing digital platform for anyone on the client-facing side of financial advice, including wealth managers, advisers and banks.

The company said the software had four key areas; acquiring and on-boarding clients, ease of use, the ability to build relationships and lifetime client value.

It includes tools to provide consumers with a ‘financial health check’, a central dashboard to keep track of goals and let consumers build a financial plan and web apps which can be embedded in adviser websites and co-browsed.

A single, underlying data model shares data between modelling tools, including interactive cashflow modeller and back-office system, the company added.

Mike Hearfield, head of digital at Focus Solutions, said the software was part of its mission to change the way people engage with their finances.

He commented: “Our vision is one where consumers feel calm and in control of their finances, supported by intuitive and engaging tools that connect people rather than confuse them.”

He added: “Feedback from all users has been amazing and we’re excited to be engaged with companies from across the industry who will be bringing this to market soon.”

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