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First mini Powwow in Salisbury

17 May 2019

The first mini Powwow in Salisbury, Wiltshire will take place on 4 June, hosted by two local paraplanners, including Aleksandra Sasin, founder of outsourced paraplanning firm Navigatus.

Aleksandra, who told her paraplanning story at the CISI annual Paraplanner conference in 2018, says: “The Powwows are great places to learn new ideas from fellow paraplanners, as well as discuss best practice. They are about giving back to the paraplanning community.

“I have been to the annual Powwow in September and there  are other mini powwows around the country, but often workload pressures mean it can be difficult to get time out of the office to attend them, as well as for those who work flexible hours from home, who maybe have to be there for the school run, for example.

“So, we decided to give local paraplanners in Wiltshire the chance to attend a powwow local to them. We’ve also tried to make the timings as friendly as possible for those of us who are working parents.

“This is our first time hosting a mini powwow so we hope local paraplanners will come and join us.

“Most events are based in London or Bristol and we wanted to bring something to the local paraplanner community. The Powwow will give them a chance to meet each other and share good ideas and best practice in an informal setting.

“As well as discussing topics voted for by the participants on the day, there will also be a technical session from James Hay on choosing to exceed the lifetime allowance.

The event will be held at James Hay’s office in Salisbury from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm on Tuesday 4 June. Places on the Powwow Salisbury are free and tickets can be obtained via the Paraplanners Powwow website: https://paraplannerspowwow.co.uk/events/powwow-salisbury/

Main Powwow:
Aynho, Northamptonshire. 12 September 2019 [tickets here –https://paraplannerspowwow.co.uk/events/paraplanners-powwow-2019/]

Other mini Powwows coming up:
Powwow North of the Border – Edinburgh, Wed 29 May: 10 places left https://paraplannerspowwow.co.uk/events/powwow-north-of-the-border-2019/#book5

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