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Financial planning firm explores psychological impact on clients when selling a business.

17 October 2017

Clarion Wealth Planning has teamed up with business psychologists to explore the psychological impact of selling a business.

The research project Enough Now: The psychology of selling your business will assess the stresses faced by business owners who have recently exited or about to sell their business, throughout the sale and transition process.

The research, thought to be the first of its kind globally, will comprise of independent qualitative and quantitative studies and will be conducted by leading business psychologists Carter Corson.

Ron Walker, founding director at Clarion Wealth Planning, said: “From our 30 years of working with business owners we know the process of selling a business can be extremely stressful for the owner and their close family. We have commissioned the independent research to understand the key factors that influence their thinking, as well as the central pressures they face.

“The research will give both business owners and their professional advisors a unique, first hand insight into the complex emotions involved in selling what is often the result of decades of hard work.”

Hazel Carter-Showell, managing director at Carter Corson, said: “This is the first time any research into this fascinating subject has been undertaken. The findings have the potential to be hugely important for business owners and professional advisors across the UK, as well as globally.

“The study will help successful business owners understand and prepare for the intricacies of selling a business and will also allow professional advisors to better support them through the challenging process.”

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