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Financial crisis still impacting investment choices

29 October 2018

The global financial crisis continues to play on the mind of UK investors, with over half basing their decisions on the events that took place a decade ago, according to Legg Mason.

In its 2018 Global Investment Survey, the global asset manager found 50% of UK investors’ investment choices were still impacted by the financial crisis. The UK came in slightly higher than the global average of 48%.

Investors in Spain (60%), Italy (57%) and Belgium (59%) appeared particularly affected, while in contrast just 30% of Swedish and 37% of German investors reported it still had an impact on where they invest. In the US, 41% of investors said the crisis affected their behaviour.

Alex Barry, head of UK fund sales at Legg Mason, said: “To be still discussing an event a decade later is unusual and illustrates what a pivotal point in history the credit crisis and subsequent global recession were. Financial markets have recovered strongly and balanced, diversified portfolios have delivered attractive risk adjusted returns over the last decade. This demonstrates the role advisers have to delivering better financial outcomes for clients.”

The survey also highlighted how much importance UK investors place upon regularly keeping track of investments. In total, 86% of investors agreed it was important for them to review their investments regularly, while a further 81% of UK investors said they were investing for the long-term for events such as retirement income, rather than for the short term. This was above the global average of 75%.

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