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February Issue Out Now

30 January 2019

Welcome to your February 2019 edition of Professional Paraplanner

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For this issue’s paraplanner profile we spoke to Peter Mason, director of PJM Paraplanning and Consultancy Services, about his paraplanning journey, from employed, to self-employed to business owner and his pension transfer specialist work

Also, we have a plethora of technical and insight articles for you this issue, including:

• SSAS as an ideal business exit planning tool

• The use and taxation of discretionary will trusts and how to navigate the first 10 years of exit charges

• Divorce and re-marriage amongst baby-boomers and the impact on inheritance, requiring talks with clients about their wishes, wills, trusts and tax

• How the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) can be a good starting point for discussions with clients

We look at what might 2019 hold for paraplanning, asking in-house and outsourced paraplanners for their views

And, alongside our regular TDQ Q&A to test your pre exam knowledge, this issue Catriona Brand, MD of Brand Financial Training, provides six easy steps to working out an individual’s income tax liability.

Professional Paraplanner