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The roaring 2020s: What to expect from the next decade

15 June 2021

Fidelity International’s James Bird returns with another of his popular talks on the investment road ahead.  

This time he asks: Will the 2020s roar the way the 1920s did?

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The roaring 1920s saw widespread adoption of the assembly line, the automobile, radio, motion pictures, indoor plumbing, and labour saving electric appliances. Consumerism and mass culture took shape. It was the decade of art deco and jazz, Coco Chanel & Walt Disney, The Great Gatsby and the Harlem Renaissance. It was the first truly modern decade.
So it is tempting to ask, once the virus passes, will the 2020s roar the way the 1920s did?
It is not possible for history to repeat itself, however the Covid-19 pandemic has proven how quickly the economy and society can adapt to new ways of operating through technology and innovation. Vaccination programmes have brought investment in healthcare to the forefront of governments minds globally, and the predicted services boom in hospitality and travel are set to inject the economy with an unprecedented amount of cash.
In this presentation, Fidelity International challenge the market assumptions and looks at the world of asset allocation a little bit differently. They will cover beneficiary sectors, regions and the potential outcome for future portfolios.

Learning objectives
1. Provide insight: Providing insight into the current market environment and the challenging juncture of Covid-19.
2. Understanding the implications on the global investment environment, and the longer-term, distinct scenarios that could play out
3. Thinking differently: Thinking differently about how portfolios should look moving to the new era of the 2020s.

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