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Technical Insight Webinar – Paraplanner Pointers – FE Analytics

We are delighted to announce a new Technical Insight Webinar session. This is designed to help you build efficiencies into your investment research and analysis. FE fundinfo Training Consultant Jack Johnson takes you through some of the best tips and ideas in FE Analytics that no paraplanner should be without.


– Learn how to set up client folders to better organise your case material right from the outset
– Find the fund units you need, faster
– Discover advanced Line Charting shortcuts
– Learn new insight for using our Bar Charts and Scatter Charts
– Tailor your own portfolio comparison reports

Learning Outcomes

– To encourage confidence in exploring the system for paraplanners
– To raise awareness of core efficiencies in FE Analytics
– To highlight alternative variants of key charts

We have two sessions you can join – both of an hour. We have split the session into North and South of the UK – if you are in the middle, pick the best date for you and if you are in either the North or the South but really can’t make the one for you – we don’t mind you signing up for the other one at all.

Session 1 – 3rd August 2020 – 10.30am – Northern region – sign up here

Session 2 – 8th September 2020 – 10.30am – Southern region – sign up here

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