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Our first double webinar: NS&I and Prudential

22 September 2020

Join us on Tuesday 22 September for our first double webinar featuring Prudential and NS&I, looking at the building blocks of IHT planning and where trusts fit in and how cash is now an essential part of any holistic financial plan.


Les Cameron, Head of Technical at Prudential (pictured) will be talking to IHT planning – where do trusts fit?

The amount of estates where IHT is due has almost doubled over the last 10 years or so. There’s is no doubt this has been fuelled in part by the freezing of the Nil Rate Band and increased property valuations. But a large part of most estates where tax is due comprise, cash, stocks and shares and life policies, all of which are relatively easy to move from your estate.

In this session Les takes a look at the key elements of Inheritance Tax planning and then focuses in on where trusts could fit into an overall planning strategy.

Cash planning in portfolios

Since the Retail Distribution Review, clients now have much higher expectations of their financial planner. This includes managing all of their savings and investments, looking after all service aspects of their portfolios, contacting providers on their behalf and much more.

With cash considered an essential part of any financial plan, Andrew Pike, Head of Intermediary Relationships at NS&I, will discuss the unique position NS&I plays in this world and how you can make the most of the cash element in your clients’ portfolios.


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