MAY 2021


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NEW Investment Committee Webinars     

26 May 2021

Professional Paraplanner is delighted to be launching a new series of Investment Committee Webinars.

We start with a new series in association with the AIC: Investment Trust Insights.

During this series paraplanners can hear from managers of Scottish Mortgage, Schroder UK Mid Cap, and Real Estate at Aberdeen.


May 26, 2021, at 10.30am.

This first event will explain the structural differences between open-ended funds and investment trusts, including discounts/premiums, gearing and the revenue reserve, and examine the implications of those differences for clients.

It will also cover examples of how investment trusts can be used in portfolios, and address the practical question of how easy and cost-effective it is to use investment trusts on various adviser platforms.

Learning objectives:
• Describe the structural differences between investment trusts and open-ended funds, and their implications for an investor
• Identify ways to use investment trusts in client portfolios
• Explain the issues to consider when accessing investment trusts using adviser platforms.

Commenting on the launch of the series, Nick Britton, head of Intermediary Communications at the AIC, says: “Paraplanners have increasing influence on investment selection and are hungry to keep learning and improve their knowledge. We’re excited to be teaming up with Professional Paraplanner to launch a new series of events aimed exclusively at them.

“The Investment Trust Insights series begins with a practical introduction to investment trusts and how they can be used with clients, together with a look at important market developments such as the rise of impact investing with investment trusts.

“We’ve also invited some of our most interesting portfolio managers to discuss how they use the closed-ended structure of investment trusts to execute a range of strategies, from traditional equities to commercial property and even unquoted companies.

“I hope this series of events will be of interest to all paraplanners, whether they feel fully confident with investment trusts, or want to fill gaps in their knowledge.”

You can find out more about the AIC here.

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