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Limited places for Bristol Technical Insight Seminar 9th November

9 November 2016

With around 4 weeks to go before our Technical Insight Seminar Bristol at Aztec Hotel, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TS, we just wanted to give the latest news on the event and information on the agenda.

We have limited spaces available for paraplanners looking to attend. Click here to register.

We believe this event is a must attend for paraplanners, but don’t just take our word for it… these are comments from paraplanners who attended our recent Manchester event on the 5th October.

“Event was VERY well organised…we could see how much effort you had put in to host this event which I was certainly very grateful for.”

“I really liked the concept of being split out into smaller groups, it made the sessions more personal and interactive.”

“I really liked the format with smaller groups making discussion easier. The venue (and catering!) was excellent.”

“I preferred the presentations in smaller groups so you could ask questions freely without feeling intimidated. I really enjoyed the event and sincerely hope there will be more to come!”

We are aware taking time out of the office has to be justified therefore we wanted to give you a more detailed feel for what will be covered on the day.

Our keynote speech will come from Chris Hewitt, lead associate, FCA. The theme of Chris’s session will be examining core elements of the financial advice process and highlighting new examples from the regulator of good and poor practice. For paraplanners looking to ensure they follow best practice principles this is a session not to be missed.

We have another great technical session to confirm next week.

Our breakout sessions in smaller groups will focus on:

How active asset allocation can help navigate volatile markets

Over the last few years there have been a number of events contributing to episodes of market volatility, with the recent Brexit vote being the latest. These episodes bring opportunities as well as threats, and the test of any asset allocation process is how you respond to these events.

Retirement planning, death and tax

Recent legislative changes have changed the nature of advice. Whereas previously individual requirements tended to be paramount, changes to pension and death benefit regulations have placed the emphasis firmly on considering both current and future generations when providing financial advice.

Demonstrating value in a risky world

In an environment where future returns are more difficult to come by than over the recent past, how do you create a portfolio that will meet return requirements while navigating increasing risks and correlations?

Income generation in retirement planning

Whether the 4% guide is still appropriate in the context of modern retirement planning and decumulation or whether it is now outdated.
Looking at the various investment types that could be used to generate income.

The event qualifies for structured CPD.

On the day registration and refreshments will commence at 8.30am with the opening address from Rob Kingsbury our Editor at 8.55am. We will have 2 plenary sessions one opening and one to closing the event, with 4 educational boardroom sessions in smaller groups in-between. There will be adequate time at both the morning break, and during the informal buffet style lunch to network with some of your peers and for us to meet you we hope. The seminar will finish around 2pm. Dress code for the event is smart casual.

Lastly if you are planning your journey – here is a link to the venue:

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