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Last few places remaining for Manchester Technical Insight Seminar 5th October

5 October 2016

There are a number of places available to attend the Technical Insight Seminar on the 5th October at the Midland in Manchester.

With two fantastic keynote speakers and four education boardroom sessions this event is a fantastic opportunity to learn and network with your peers. The event qualifies for structured CPD from the CISI.

With more than three decades in the industry, Mike Morrison, Head of Platform Technical for AJ Bell, is steeped in the technical side of financial services, and is passionate about retirement and savings issues. In his plenary speech Mike will be looking at the top 10 technical issues affecting retirement planning and will give his view on the future of tax relief.

Plus a keynote speech will come from Rory Percival, technical specialist, FCA. The theme of Rory’s session will be examining core elements of the financial advice process and highlighting new examples from the regulator of good and poor practice. For paraplanners looking to ensure they follow best practice principles this is a session not to be missed.

Boardroom sessions include

How active asset allocation can help navigate volatile markets

 Over the last few years there have been a number of events contributing to episodes of market volatility, with the recent Brexit vote being the latest. These episodes bring opportunities as well as threats, and the test of any asset allocation process is how you respond to these events.

Retirement planning, death and tax

Recent legislative changes have changed the nature of advice. Whereas previously individual requirements tended to be paramount, changes to pension and death benefit regulations have placed the emphasis firmly on considering both current and future generations when providing financial advice. This session will cover planning and compliance areas across a number of subjects including:

  • Death benefits
  • Pension annual allowances
  • Lifetime allowances
  • Tax and income
  • State benefits

Demonstrating value in a risky world –

In an environment where future returns are more difficult to come by than over the recent past, how do you create a portfolio that will meet return requirements while navigating increasing risks and correlations?

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the need for a forward-looking approach to investing, in order to meet your client’s long-term objectives. Portfolios today require more than a simple static allocation between equities and bonds.
  • Explain how you can think about costs, using a 3 pillar approach that considers risk, return and cost
  • Explain the benefits of an active approach that uses low-cost implementation via ETFs and Index Funds
  • What are the different sources of portfolio risk? How do you go about managing these risks, for example interest rate risk or currency risk, within a portfolio?

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