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Investment Committee Webinars – The importance of ESG integration in Fund Research

Our next Investment Committee Webinar will take place on Jul 22, 2020 at 10:30am

Description: The importance of ESG integration in Fund Research
Understanding ESG with the BMO Multi-Manager People

Investor demand for ESG investments has grown rapidly, driven by several factors including high profile figures like Sir David Attenborough and teenage activist Greta Thunberg, as well as regulation supporting responsible investment.

However, in making investment decisions aligned with the principles of ESG, it is important to understand what ESG is, as well as what it isn’t, why it is growing in importance, how funds are incorporating ESG, the impact it is going to have across ALL investment decisions – and finally, why ESG may not go far enough for investment clients.

Scott Spencer, a member of the 10-strong BMO Multi-Manager team, provides much needed insight into this growing area of interest for both the funds industry and advised clients.

Key Learning Objectives & Agenda

The Backdrop – Why is everyone talking about it
Responsible investments – Introduction to the different types of strategies
Why is ESG integration important – The dangers of ignoring it
The BMO Multi Manager approach to ESG – How we include ESG
Beyond ESG – Look at growing trend for sustainability


Presenter: Scott Spencer
Investment Manager @BMO Global Asset Management
Scott, a member of the 10-strong Multi-Manager team and has over 20 years’ experience in researching funds. Prior to joining the group in July 2014, he was a senior investment manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, where he was responsible for a number of retail and institutional multi-manager portfolios. Prior to that he was a member of the Credit Suisse Asset Management multi-manager team having previously been hired by Rob and Gary when they were at Credit Suisse Asset Management. Scott, together with Paul Green, manages the daily performance analysis of funds in addition to his broader fund selection role. Scott leads the sector research teams for the US, Asia, Global Emerging markets and also is a member of the Specialist Investments team. Scott is a member of the BMO AM Multi-Manager LLP. He holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and a BA (Hons) in Economics from Nottingham Trent University.

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