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Dynamic Planner redesigns risk profiler for MiFID II

3 February 2018

Dynamic Planner has redesigned its risk profiling process in an effort to help financial planners address Mifid II requirements regarding suitability.

The new process, launched at Dynamic Planner’s annual conference, includes a 15-question psychometric attitude to risk questionnaire based on research conducted in close conjunction with academics from the International Capital Market Association Centre at Henley Business School.

The new questions should be easier for clients to understand, Dynamic Planner said, and will focus less upon specific investment choices and more upon pure attitude to risk.

James Smith, head of intermediary account management at Dynamic Planner, said: “This new questionnaire is an evolution of our existing profile process, and is the result of 16 months of research, development and user feedback. It will help investment managers and professionals to fulfil their Mifid II requirements for suitability and appropriateness.”

The new questionnaire has been designed for both accumulation and decumulation purposes, as well as new and existing clients, the digital risk profiling company said.


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