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Dynamic Planner begins roll out of £5m ‘Elements’ software

7 February 2019

Dynamic Planner has announced a three year, £5m technology investment into the next generation of its software – Dynamic Planner Elements – which the company is rolling out over two years.

The new iteration of the software is intended to help adviser firms deliver annual suitability reviews and charges disclosure under MiFIDII without leaving Dynamic Planner, while also reducing the time taken to complete reviews from hours to minutes.

Ben Goss, CEO of the risk profiling company (pictured), said the new iteration of the software followed 18 months of research during which “our clients told us they critically needed three things to tackle today’s challenges as well as prepare for the future”:

1. To meet the higher bar for ensuring investment suitability set by MiFID II

2. To demonstrate the value they bring to clients more clearly, particularly post MiFID II charge disclosures in more volatile markets

3. To use tech to significantly increase the efficiency of their operations and support digital collaboration with colleagues and clients

Accordingly, he said, the new software has been designed to deliver

  • Support for a holistic, objective based, investment process driven by financial planning not product planning;
  • Intuitive, mobile-first tech – making digital collaboration with colleagues and clients easy;
  • Integration with firms’ other systems through API – launching with a comprehensive and seamless two-way integration with Intelligent Office;
  • “Lifestyle-magazine quality” reporting – at the touch of a button. White labelled to firms and configurable to their compliance standards;
  • Enhanced help, support and community services.

Goss said Dynamic Planner Elements constituted “the largest single investment in our 15-year history. The Elements programme is a key part of strategy to scale our position as firms’ number one service for ensuring investment suitability while delivering on our vision of seeing suitable advice and investments available to all.”

The first release in the Elements programme covers the Client Review Process and was launched on 24 January.



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