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We’ve launched a new Prudential Bond Gain tool

10 October 2020

Some really exciting news for us is the launch of our new Bond Gain Tool.

It kind of does what it says on the tin. You put in details of the bond history and then it lets you model different withdrawal options based on the amount of money to be realised. We get asked for help on full and partial withdrawals a lot.


Drop your Account Manager a line for a demo.

On another note our long-held pension tax relief record of 343% saved has been broken! One of our Account Managers was showing our (relatively) new Tax Relief Modeller to an adviser whose 72-year-old client had a large bond gain to deal with and was wanting to know the tax liability. He must have been listening in training as the mantra is where there’s a gain always check out what a pension contribution could do. Or this video on bond tax mitigations using pension contributions might have been a very valuable 11 minutes!

In this case we’d £8k state pension, £38k rental income and a £240k gain over 37 years. Long story short – cheque for £2,880 and over £18,000 of tax saved. And a new record of 551%!

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