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Upcoming webinars from Prudential

29 April 2020

As part of its support programme for advice firms, Prudential has a host of webinars planned for the coming weeks and months. We’re pleased to let you know about the next two for which you can register.

Retiring traditional thinking in the retirement market

Wednesday 6 May – 9am and 11am
On this webinar we’re delighted to be joined by a panel of experts to discuss current thinking in this market. We’ll be joined by Tim Eadon, Chartered Financial Planner at Pension Transfer Specialist Fire Eadon & Co, Michael McQuillan, Specialist Support Manager at O&M systems and Andy Kirby, CEO at Money Alive.

Following this webinar attendees will have an understanding of:

  • The use of video technology as a mechanism to help inform existng drawdown clients
  • How tools can help with drawdown reviews
  • Current state of play in the DB transfer market and how a bureau service can help
  • Helping clients through the market shock

You’ll qualify for 60 minutes structured CPD

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The politics of Covid19 – has the pandemic changed the role of government forever?

Tuesday 12 May – 11am

Faced with an unprecedented public health crisis the response of the Government has been similarly extraordinary, with major restrictions imposed on business and household functions and billions of pounds in support being made available to them. On this webinar, Michael Collins, Director of Government Affairs will examine the politics behind the handling of Covid19 in the UK and what it means for the future role of Government.

You’ll qualify for 30 minutes structured CPD

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