APRIL 2021


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The Wealth Unlocked Report

29 March 2021

How can you best engage today’s and tomorrow’s generations?

Prudential commissioned consumer research with over 1,000 people across the generations who have employed a financial adviser in the past five years, that has led to the new Family Wealth Unlocked Report.

Importantly, the research was conducted amid the financial volatility and insecurity of the pandemic, to understand:

  • How many generations of families are using – and sharing – advisers today
  • What would make more people engage with advisers for intergenerational financial planning
  • The new advice needs of different generations, providing a new focus for advisers

They hope this research will support you in having meaningful and informed conversations around intergenerational planning with your clients.

Download your copy of the Family Wealth Unlocked report

Intergenerational Planning Hub

Over the next 20 to 30 years, there’s going to be a big wealth transfer down the generations and Prudential have got the solutions and the support to help you, help your clients transition that wealth, in a way that suits them.

Visit their Intergenerational Planning Hub for more insight and practical solutions to support your expertise and value across more generations of a family.

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