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The M&G Prudential learning matters seminars

15 October 2018

Majoring on the Macro

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future” – Nils Bohr, Nobel Laureate

As true as this might be, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, especially with so many issues affecting global markets. So please join us for the next round of Learning Matters Seminars; Majoring on the Macro, where the following topics are being covered.

Macro-economic update
M&G’s CII accredited trainer Julian Hince, will cover key market and asset class themes.

What it is, and what it isn’t. An overview and introduction by Julian Hince.

Inheritance tax/IHT
We work hard to make investment gains and at the point we want to pass on these gains to the next generation, we’re faced with yet another potential tax bill, this time at 40%. Through the use of a case study, Prudential explores a number of planning opportunities for those looking to mitigate the effects of IHT – the UK’s most hated tax!

This event is designed to give you 90 minutes of structured CPD points.

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