December 2018


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Prudential release 2nd Oracle regulatory special

6 March 2018

Welcome to the second Oracle regulatory special. In this edition we have articles that cover PRIIPs and MiFID II and new disclosure requirements.

So, what are we covering:

An overview of the regulations – this article explores how the regulatory changes affect different illustrations such as KFIs, IODs and Ex-Ante cost and charges illustrations (under MiFID II).

KIDs and KFIs – why they’re both important – PRIIPs has a knock-on effect on wider pre-sales disclosure. We explain what’s driving the changes and how we’re responding, as well as how advisers can explain the differences to clients and consider the disclosure requirements of costs and charges under MiFID II and IDD.

PRIIPs – The devil is in the detail! Transparency for clients does mask a hugely complex set of regulations and calculations that the provider of the PRIIP itself needs to adhere to.Markets in Financial Investments Directive II – an overview of what’s covered by the MiFID II regulations.

What makes a KFI? This article looks at what makes a KFI and the assumptions to use within an illustration.

How have we responded to meet advisers’ needs? We provide more than just mandatory information in our KFDs – we want to help clients understand their product, its risks and the wider context.

Criminal Finances Act 2017 – it will be a criminal offence if a business such as Prudential, fails to prevent an employee or a person acting on its behalf (an ‘associated person’) from facilitating tax evasion.

Jargon Buster – a short overview of the new regulations.

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