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Prudential launches Oracle Plus hub

12 May 2020

Prudential has launched Oracle Plus hub, designed to deliver insights and content on a more regular basis.

It builds on Prudential’s Oracle technical newsletter “plus much more!”


The original Oracle provided:

  • Insight and opinions from Prudential’s Technical team experts on financial planning considerations
  • Business development ideas from their team of Business Development Managers
  • Investment updates from their extensive team at the Treasury and Investment Office

Oracle Plus hub delivers all that, plus:

  • Easy access to all webinar recordings
  • CPD compilations – themed content that comes together to give you structured CPD
  • Themed collections – articles, webinars, podcasts and/or videos around a particular topic
  • The opportunity to ask for an Account Manager to call you back to speak about the content you’re engaging with
  • Regular political updates and how they impact our industry.

Oracle Plus hub will be constantly added to and built on. Advisers and paraplanners are encouraged to come back regularly to see what’s new.

Prudential is encouraging feedback on the new hub and requests for particular topics to be covered, by getting in touch at: [email protected]



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