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Prudential CPD compilation – Bond Taxation

17 June 2019

Hello everyone.

I had a good time down at the Professional Paraplanner awards last week and it was nice to meet and have a chat with some of you. My team (even me sometimes) work very hard to get our technical support as good as it can be. We’re delighted that after all our work you have chosen us as the best technical support for the 3rd year in a row.

Thank you very much for everyone that voted for us. We know paraplanners are involved in a lot of the technical work within a firm so winning an award from the paraplanner community really does make us extra happy.

And as a special thank you present from us to you here’s a CPD compilation covering bond taxation – something that has been changing recently after many years of being the same.

Whether you’re recommending an investment bond for your client, or advising them to encash one, it’s important to understand how bond gains are taxed. Over the last 10 years or so there’s been various changes to savings rates and allowances as well as some alterations to HMRC guidance on how top slicing relief works. These have all affected how bond gains are taxed, so it’s essential to make sure your knowledge is up to date.

The articles below cover:

• Who is assessed on bond gains in different scenarios e.g. trust cases, personally owned bonds, and death cases
• The different ways chargeable gains are triggered, calculated, and how they are taxed
• How the different nil rate allowances interact with bond gains
• How to apply top slicing and time apportionment relief against gains and the tax generated by them.

CPD certificate

To get your CPD certificate after you’ve read the articles, you need to visit our Test Centre and take the test.

Article 1 – UK investment bonds: Taxation facts
What you need to know about the taxation regime for UK investment bonds.
Takes 33 minutes to read>>

Article 2 – Taxation of offshore bonds: The facts
Find out how offshore life assurance bonds are taxed in the hands of individuals.
Takes 22 minutes to read>>

Article 3 – Top slicing relief for bonds taxation: The facts
Takes 10 minutes to read>>

Les Cameron, Head of Technical

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