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December Issue OUT NOW

28 November 2018

Paraplanner profile: This issue, in the first of a two part interview, Rob Kingsbury spoke with Chetan Ravalia, paraplanning manager, and Codie Smith, paraplanner, at Cooper Parry Wealth about how they work as ‘paraplanners’ since the firm restructured

We also asked Dan Atkinson to provide insight into how his role has changed in his move from paraplanner to head of Technical at EQ Investors

Also in this issue:
HMRC’s interpretation of death benefits in respect of IHT where a pension transfer takes place

Planning for later life care when paired with a desire to leave residual wealth to beneficiaries

Options when a client wants to exit an onshore bond in the most tax efficient manner

And insight into the questions one support team gets asked in respect of IHT and ISAs

Our TDQ (Training, Development & Qualification) regular Q&A and this issue’s article looks at the JO3 and AF2 exams.

And Michelle Hoskin describes the reaction she received from financial planners from around the world when she talked to them about the paraplanning role

Finally, our monthly Parameters survey sought your views on the potential impact of Brexit on financial planning for clients and the work of paraplanners.

Technical Insight Seminars 2019

We also announce the dates and locations of our Technical Insight Seminars 2019.
As some of our events last year were oversubscribed, now is the time to register your interest in one of the 15 locations we aim to reach next year, bringing the seminars closer to many more paraplanner around the country.

Register your interest by email to: [email protected]

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