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Cathi Harrison launches ‘Going it Alone’ service

11 September 2018

Apricity, the compliance service founded by Cathi Harrison, has launched a new service providing hands-on support for those looking to start their own advisory business or move to a directly authorised status.

The service ‘Going it Alone’, offers a range of advice, support, guidance, tools and practical help, such as with applying for authorisation, building a business model and creating a client proposition.

Harrison says the service is “a natural extension and fit with our other successful propositions” – Para-Sols and Apricity – and is aimed at enabling those looking to start their own firm, or go directly authorised, to be able to make the important decisions about their business and get up and running as quickly as possible.

“Facing the prospect of writing a business plan, correctly completing and submitting the authorisation application to the FCA and dealing with any queries from them, can be daunting, especially at a time when you are tackling all the other aspects of starting a business.

“We can provide support and practical assistance across the board, from selecting the right business structure, putting in place a training and competency framework through to selecting the right technology and tools, and creation of initial disclosure documents. We’ll also help define client segments, alongside identifying the right marketing strategy for the business.

“Additionally, we offer help with research and platform due diligence and creating a centralised investment proposition, and aligning adviser processes to their client segments.

“Sitting within the Apricity brand, advisers can have the confidence that with the experience and expertise of our no-nonsense team behind them, they can deal with all these aspects of starting a business or moving from AR to directly authorised, and more quickly focus on their business core – and the most enjoyable part – advising clients.”

Apricity has recently launched a series of events – including webinars, workshops and masterclasses – covering a range of topics to support technical knowledge and professional development.

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