October 2018


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  • 7IM launches retirement planning service targeting income provision at life stages

    18 February 2018

    Seven Investment Management (7IM) has launched a retirement planning service for adviser firms, designed to help with clients at or near retirement.  The 7IM Retirement Planning Service accommodates different ‘pots’ for different financial priorities and risk profiles, aimed at helping advisers deliver the income their clients need throughout various life stages. Advisers have a...

  • HNWs see cost of basket of luxury Christmas goods rise by 7.2%, says Coutts

    21 December 2017

    Private bank’s festive research shows while luxury goods inflation has fallen to 3.6% from 6.2% as pound rises, the cost of Christmas has risen by more than twice CPI. The latest edition of the Coutts Luxury Price Index (CLPI), which covers a basket of 132 luxury goods and services from across 12 categories, shows...

  • Deposits that can beat the base rate

    5 October 2017

    With most cash accounts making below inflation payouts, structured deposits can offer a higher return alternative, suggests Ian Lowes, found of StructedProductReview.com and managing director of Lowes Financial Management. With approximately £700bn held in savings accounts across the UK, over half of which lies in easy-access savings accounts, the average saver certainly isn’t getting the...

  • Questioning gilts safe haven status

    10 June 2017

    Textbook portfolio construction theory suggests that long-dated bonds, particularly sovereign bonds from the large developed economies, are the archetypal safe haven and diversifier of equity risk. As multi asset investors, this is an important consideration. Equity risk is generally the largest risk we face, and so diversifying it is central to our focus on...

  • How might the General Election affect our pensions, tax and investments?

    5 June 2017

    Rachel Vahey, product technical manager, Nucleus looks at the manifestos of the main political parties and what they are saying around pensions, tax, savings and investments.  In the crucial run in to the General Election, most of the major parties have now published their manifestos, giving us vital information on how the savings and investment...

  • Woodford publishes full portfolio of Income Focus Fund

    17 May 2017

    Woodford Investment Management has published the entire portfolio of its third fund, the CF Woodford Income Focus Fund, launched in April this year.  The investment manager said that in the interests of transparency and clarity for its investors, full disclosure of the CF Woodford Income Focus Fund’s portfolio will be provided online on a...

  • Where we’re finding income

    4 May 2017

    Richard Philbin, chief investment officer at Wellian Investment Solutions, continues his series of investment articles. This piece focusses on the key issue of finding sustainable sources of income for clients. With the price of equities continuing to rise and bond yields remaining at historic low levels, coupled with the uncertain global outlook and the “risk...

  • AIC flags 50-year ‘dividend heroes’

    22 March 2017

    The trade body highlights three investment companies that have increased dividends for 50 consecutive years and 17 investment companies that have done so for 20 years or more. Three investment companies have reached the impressive milestone of 50 years of consecutive dividend increases, according to the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) as it released...