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CashCalc to launch TVC/APTA tool in collaboration with Rory Percival

17 June 2018

Cashflow planning software CashCalc is set to launch a standalone TVC/APTA tool. 

The module will be launched ahead of the FCA’s Transfer Value Comparator and Appropriate Pension Transfer Analysis regulations coming into effect on 1 October 2018.

Users of the tool will be able to sign up to the tool on its own or as part of their regular CashCalc subscription. This will allow users of other financial tools the ability to use an FCA-compliant tool for TVC/APTA, while continuing to do their cash flow planning with their existing provider, CashCalc said.

Furthermore, CashCalc will make available its application programing interface to allow users of other cash flow tools to sync their CashCalc data with those tools.

Ray Adams, CashCalc director and chartered financial planner, said: “With TVC and APTA replacing TVAS there is now an opportunity to provide financial advisers with a fully compliant yet affordable and simple-to-use tool. A key element of this will be that it is available to all planners, no matter who they choose as their cash flow planning software provider. I fully believe that it’s the responsibility of software providers to make information available to each other if it’s in the interests of our users and their clients.”

The tool is the result of extensive collaboration between Adams and ex-regulator and financial advice specialist Rory Percival, who runs his own training and consultancy firm.

Percival commented: “I am looking forward to working with CashCalc on its TVC/APTA tool. CashCalc is particularly well placed to create a user-friendly and client-friendly tool to help advisers meet the forthcoming FCA requirements for DB transfers.”

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