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Cashcalc invites suggestions for integration

18 November 2018

Cashflow planning software provider CashCalc is inviting its users to put forward integrations they would like to see CashCalc develop.  

It follows a recent announcement by the company that it has adopted an open integration policy, allowing CashCalc to integrate with a company if it will benefit both the adviser and their clients.

Ray Adams, chartered financial planner and director of CashCalc, said: “As a practising financial adviser, I’m an advocate of using all the technologies available. So the more integrations that software providers can do with each other, the better in my opinion.”

CashCalc is also celebrating reaching the milestone of 10,000 registered account holders. The number of users has doubled in just 18 months.

Adams added: “We appear to have found a balance that suits many advice processes and this is testament to everyone involved, including all 10,000 account holders.”

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