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CashCalc integrates with Plum Software back-office system

17 July 2017

CashCalc has integrated with back-office provider Plum Software following the development and publishing of API documentation, allowing software providers to seamlessly push client data into CashCalc.  

The integration enables financial advice firms that use the Plum Software system to import data directly from their back-office account into their CashCalc account.

Ray Adams, director of CashCalc, said the integration aims to eliminate the time consuming task of re-keying client data. “By being able to enter a client and corresponding details in one location and have the exact same data replicated elsewhere, we are ensuring the gap between both software providers has been bridged.”

Adams added:  “We wanted to give software providers the option to easily integrate with CashCalc and enhance their own offerings. Plum Software were quick to get in touch and I am delighted to announce that the integration has now gone live.”

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