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CashCalc integrates with Creative Technologies and Intelliflo

11 March 2018

CashCalc has announced two new partnerships, designed to provide greater efficiencies within the financial planning process.

The cashflow planning software provider is integrating Enable, the specialist back office developed by Creative Technologies, which will allow advisers to push client information from their Enable account into their CashCalc account.

Information including client details, savings and investments, pensions, assets and liabilities and spouse’s information can be pushed across, CashCalc said.

Ray Adams, director of CashCalc, said: “It is important that we continuously seek ways to make the financial planning process even more efficient. Our open API is beginning to make this happen and we are delighted to welcome Creative Technologies to our integration suite.”

Keith Hare, Group Director for Creative Technologies, said: “Integration is at the heart of Creative Technologies software, and the CashCalc partnership adds to our long list of seamless integrations with our CRM, Platform, Client Portal and other leading financial technology systems. We are delighted to partner with Ray and his team and look forward to supporting CashCalc and our mutual clients.”

Brian Potter, Director of Aspect 8 IFA and Chartered Financial Planner, said: ”Within Aspect 8 we drive a culture of continuous learning to help build long lasting relationships with our clients. This is only achieved by seeing the full picture of our clients’ financial status. Enable already has strong functionality to achieve this, but now the CashCalc integration has arrived, it allows us to drive this culture even further.”

CashCalc is also integrating with back office provider Intelligent Office. The partnership will allow advisers to pull client data from iO into CashCalc, reducing time re-entering data and improving accuracy.

Adams described the partnership as a “major step forward” in helping advisers become more productive.

Nick Eatock, executive chairman at Intellifo, said: “I am delighted to welcome CashCalc into the iO store. This integration will save advice firms a lot of time and drive efficiency in their business. By no longer having to re-key data, advisers will also be able to achieve increased data accuracy. A number of our users also use CashCalc so this integration is a no-brainer and I expect that it will be widely used.”

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