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CashCalc hits 5,000 registered accounts

1 May 2017

Financial planning software provider, CashCalc, has reported it has over 5,000 registered accounts

Launched in May 2014 by Chartered Financial Planner Ray Adams, CashCalc provides an online suite of financial planning tools including cashflow modelling.

Designed to be both easy for the adviser to use and easy for the client to understand, CashCalc are experiencing their busiest period to date with over 600 registrations so far in 2017 alone.

The figures follow the recent news that CashCalc and Paradigm struck a deal which will see CashCalc’s online suite of tools become available for the firms that Paradigm supports.

Adams said he hopes this is the year the financial advice industry begins to change its approach to cashflow planning.

“We have been committed to building a tool that integrates into the adviser’s financial planning process instead of being the entire process. Our new-found milestone indicates that our software is in line with what the vast majority of advisers in the UK now want.”

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