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Cashcalc enables users to create own suite of tools

4 September 2018

Cashflow planning software provider CashCalc has launched a modularised approach to enable users to create their own suite of tools according to their needs.

The decision to modularise means advisers can create a suite of financial planning tools ideal for them and only pay for what is in their package. The entire suite of tools consists of 26 financial planning tools ranging from cashflow planners to investment calculators.

The change in approach follows CashCalc’s development of a new TVC/APTA tool in preparation for the FCA’s new guidance on pension transfers, which comes into force during October. A major element of the new tool was that it would be a standalone module, meaning advisers can add it to their existing CashCalc suite, the company said. It will cost users an additional £30 per month plus VAT.

Ray Adams, chartered financial planner and director, CashCalc (pictured), commented: “We understand now every CashCalc user is a pension transfer specialist, so why should they pay for something they are not going to use?

“The upcoming TVC/APTA tool will therefore be a standalone or add-on tool. This way of thinking lends itself to a modularized approach for the entire suite of tools, or to put it simply, allow users to create their own suite of tools.”

CashCalc will also implement a new pricing structure which will come into use for all users who sign up after 1 October 2018, but existing Premium users will remain on their current deal.

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