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CashCalc adds new options to software

12 October 2016

CashCalc has launched the option to input variable growth rates and stress test a cash flow forecast within its cashflow modeller.

The company said the two new releases will enable cash flow forecasts to more accurately represent real life fluctuations in the market.

The option to input variable growth rates allows users to accurately model historic fund or benchmark performance for a client’s savings. The option to stress test the forecast allows users to demonstrate to their clients how sequencing of risk or specific market events might impact their cash flow forecast.

Ray Adams, director of CashCalc, said: “The ability to model a cash flow forecast that answers ‘what if’ scenarios is vital information for clients. What we have built is straight out of the CII R08 Handbook and we are now keen for user feedback so we can improve and develop the features”.

CashCalc was developed by a team of Chartered Financial Planners from South Wales and was launched in May 2014. It has over 3,800 users and offers more than 20 calculators.

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