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Call out for our Nottingham Technical Insight Seminar

6 August 2018

If you’ve not signed up to our Technical Insight Seminar in Nottingham on 19 Sept this is your chance to do so. The event is free for paraplanners to attend and with 5 essential sessions lined up for you, it will be a half day very well spent. In addition, full attendance provides 3.75 hours of structured CPD. 

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We have 5 great sessions for you:

  • Cathi Harrison, MD of ParaSols and Apricity will be tackling ‘Mastering the art of Suitability Report writing’
  • Ex-FCA technical specialist Rory Percival will provide valuable insight into advising on pension transfers
  • FundsNetwork’s Paul Squirrell takes a closer look at the pensions Lifetime Allowance
  • Invesco Perpetual’s Matthew Parlour tackles risk within investment advice
  • Andrew Denham-Davis of Brooks MacDonald delves into due diligence on outsourced investment firms.

Watch the videos below for a taster from the presenters and what they want you to take away from their sessions.

The event is being hosted at the Park Plaza hotel in Nottingham. It starts at 9am with a plenary session and then breaks into workshops, giving you the opportunity to question the presenters and get the most value from the day. We end at 1.35pm with a networking lunch.

The Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminars are focussed on providing educational, informative and insightful sessions and helping to build paraplanners knowledge and skills.

It takes a minute to register for the event- just click here. We look forward to seeing you there. (If Nottingham isn’t good for you – we have Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Bristol or Newcastle also!)

Rob Kingsbury
Professional Paraplanner

Cathi Harrison will talk on suitability report writing

Paul Squirrell will talk on the Lifetime Allowance

Andrew Denham-Davis will speak on due diligence on outsourcing partners

Professional Paraplanner