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Bankhall launches new mortgage, protection and GI compliance solution

20 July 2017

Bankhall has launched a new enhanced compliance support solution for directly FCA authorised firms, with the aim of helping firms adapt to greater regulatory scrutiny in the mortgage, protection and general insurance (GI) market.

The core package includes access to Bankhall’s regulatory experts and face-to-face compliance audits to help firms strengthen their systems and controls. Firms can also access a range of services delivered remotely, such as post-sale file reviews, compliance guidance, toolkits and helpdesk support.

Julie Sadler, managing director, Bankhall said the support provider expected regulatory scrutiny in the mortgage, protection and GI market to intensify further over the coming years, with the Senior Managers Regime, Insurance Distribution Directive and Mortgage Market Study just some of the FCA items on the horizon.

“We are helping directly authorised firms to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring they have the robust compliance oversight and support they need in order to deal with the challenges ahead. This will also benefit firms in other areas, such as securing high quality professional indemnity insurance.”

As part of the core package, firms also benefit through access to adviser learning and development workshops (including CPD) and enhanced terms on professional indemnity insurance. Firms can also access additional specialist services on top of the core package, such as tailored consultancy visits and due diligence days.

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