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Appetite for good causes investment growing

16 September 2018

There is growing appetite among UK investors for investments that support good causes and add value to communities. 

According to a survey of 1,627 adults by Oaksmore ISA, the most popular responses were projects with green credentials (19%) such as green energy and projects which benefit the community, with respondents particularly favouring schemes in their own area.

The figures were higher than those that would be attracted to schemes which invest in large private businesses (18%) or small and medium sized business funds (16%).

However, Oaksmore found that there is still inertia among consumers when it comes to investing, with as many as 41% preferring to leave savings earning little or no interest in bank accounts rather than consider specific investments.

Reuben Skelton at Oaksmore, said: “There are two major hurdles to overcome in this regard. The first is making sure people feel comfortable with risk and the level of security. The second is to engage and motivate them to feel that their money is doing something worthwhile as well as growing their wealth.”

Skelton said Innovative Finance ISAs represent the best vehicle to meet both requirements, thanks to the flexibility it gives providers to find schemes that deliver on the needs expressed by potential investors.

Skelton added: “Our own scheme allows people to invest in the renovation of heritage property, bringing beautiful old buildings back to use. This not only supports the country’s national heritage, but also delivers value back into communities by creating places to live and work. At the same time, investors appreciate the tangible nature of property investment and feel comfortable with the level of risk and security that property provides.”

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