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AJ Bell launches ‘higher risk & return’ Passive Global Growth fund

4 June 2018

AJ Bell has launched a new fund within its passive multi-asset range, aiming to offer clients a higher expected return. 

The Passive Global Growth fund was introduced in response to ongoing demand from long-term investors for higher risk investment strategies and the increased global outlook of advised clients, the firm said.

The fund will focus on emerging markets and technology, which AJ Bell says are likely to make up a larger part of future indices. The fund will also invest in shares across different regions, including Europe, North America, Asia and the UK, with minimal exposure to lower risk assets such as bonds and cash.

Kevin Doran, CIO and managing director, AJ Bell, said: “As globalisation continues its march forward, it’s no surprise that investors are thinking more globally and seeking ways to access the potential growth of global markets. True to our guiding principle of making it easy for people to invest we are delighted to extend the AJ Bell passive fund range with a unique higher risk and higher expected return option that offers the access to global growth opportunities that so many advisers and their clients are seeking.”

He added: “Our exposure to the top EM countries, known as the EM7, (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and Turkey) and innovative technology companies is higher than similar multi-asset funds on the market, enabling the Global Growth fund to truly harness the countries and sectors which are driving growth across the globe, giving investors the opportunity to buy the portfolio of the future, today.”

The new fund’s launch offer period opened 24 May with a fixed price of £1 per unit, with the fund starting trading on 11 June 2018.

AJ Bell has waived its platform charge for holdings its passive funds until January 2019 and there will be no trading fees for purchasing the fund. The ongoing charges figure will be capped at 0.5% per annum, the firm said.

AJ Bell’s passive funds give advisers and their clients access to investment markets via a choice of six fully managed, risk-targeted portfolios.

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