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AJ Bell adds a higher-risk portfolio to its Managed Portfolio Service

27 February 2018

AJ Bell has added a 100% equity, DP risk level 8 portfolio to its Managed Portfolio Service (MPS). 

The new Global Growth portfolio provides investors with 100% equity exposure to global markets with a focus on faster growth asset classes such as emerging markets, Asia and global technology.

In tandem with the rest of the MPS range, Global Growth is benchmarked against the Dynamic Planner risk ratings and has been placed at risk level eight. The existing AJ Bell Managed portfolios sit at risk levels three to seven.

The launch of Global Growth follows a recent price cut by AJ Bell on the annual management charge for its MPS, reduced from 0.25% plus VAT to 0.15% plus VAT. The firm said the new portfolio will be priced at this level, with the OCF of the underlying passive investments at 0.15%, giving a total cost of ownership of 0.33%.

Kevin Doran, chief investment officer and managing director, AJ Bell Investments, said: “Our focus is on delivering a high quality investment solution that is aligned with the needs of advisers, whilst leading the market on price.  We recently reduced the price of the MPS as part of our commitment on costs and have now launched this new Global Growth portfolio based on feedback from advisers.

“Many have told us that they have client demand for a portfolio at the higher end of the risk spectrum and we have delivered that, so the service can now cater for a wider range of client requirements.”

Earlier in February,  AJ Bell announced a cut of 40% in the Managed Portfolio fees from 0.25% to 0.15%.

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