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AIC launches platform comparison tool

4 April 2018

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has launched a new tool on its website, allowing users to research and compare platforms.

Based on research by platform consultancy the lang cat, the new tool will enable users to research the availability of investment companies on platforms, as well as the costs of holding and transacting them.

It shows whether investment companies can be held on each platform and the types of accounts, such as ISAs or pensions, that are offered.

Advisers and investors looking to compare the costs of each platform can use a series of heatmaps which show how much an investor might pay to hold and trade investment companies depending on the size of their portfolio. There are heatmaps for portfolios with varying proportions of investment companies and open-ended funds to reflect different needs.

The tool covers a range of 27 direct-to-consumer and 19 adviser platforms.

Annabel Brodie-Smith, communications director, AIC (pictured), said: “With so many platforms available offering different services and at different costs, it can be hard for investors and advisers to find the one that’s right for them. To help, the AIC commissioned the lang cat to produce detailed research on the availability of investment companies on 27 direct-to-consumer and 19 adviser platforms. The research has been well received and the launch of this tool on our website will make it easier to find and to use.”

The launch of the comparison tool follows research into the costs of holding investment companies on direct-to-consumer and adviser platforms published by AIC in late 2017.

Further information is available via the AIC’s financial adviser site.


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