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Aegon pays out £2.3m in skin cancer claims

15 August 2018

Insurer flags need for early identification and ‘thorough’ approach to application forms.  

Skin cancer accounted for 8% of all cancer-related claims in 2017 received by Aegon.

While it wasn’t the most common type of cancer-related critical illness claim, the insurance and pensions provider paid out £2.3 million in skin cancer critical illness claims last year.

The largest single claim for skin cancer amounted to £400,000, while the average claimant was 49 years old.

Over the last 10 years, Aegon said it has paid out a total of £17.7 million for malignant melanoma CI claims – one of the most serious forms of skin cancer.

Simon Jacobs, head of underwriting and claims, Aegon UK said: “In 2017, 8% of all Aegon CI claims for cancer were for skin cancer and the claimants were aged between 33 and 61 at the time of claim. If people identify the signs and seek medical advice early on, they are more likely to get treatment at an earlier stage, reducing the impact on the individual and likelihood of the condition becoming more severe.

“While sun exposure isn’t the only cause of skin cancer, it’s by far the leading one. The momentum behind skin care campaigns needs to continue to raise personal health awareness so that people can take precautions and identify the signs of skin cancer early.”

Jacobs said it was important that people were thorough when it comes to applying for financial protection in the event of cancer.

“It’s important if asked to mention any trips to the doctor about a suspicious mole, lump or changes in your skin. Answering questions accurately at application stages means you can be confident in the completeness of your application and the outcome should you need to make a claim,” he added.


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