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Aegon launches business protection toolkit

22 January 2019

Aegon has launched a new business protection toolkit to provide advisers with support and information when discussing the topic with clients.

With over 2.6 million businesses being PAYE and/or VAT registered in the UK, Aegon said there is a vast opportunity for advisers to develop the amount of business protection they write, with as many as 71% of these limited companies and almost half (46%) being single employee limited companies where the firm’s financial viability relies on just one person.

The toolkit is designed to allow advisers to use their “skills, knowledge and experience” to highlight the need for business owners to consider business protection. It provides advisers with sample material, topical articles, news and commentary as well as sales aids, technical factsheets and videos.

Aegon protection director Stephen Crosbie commented: “Business protection is often thought of as complicated, but its principles are a natural extension of personal protection. With a business protection arrangement in place, business owners can help make sure their business continues to trade, should they die or become critically ill and allows the owners to maintain control while making sure dependents receive a fair value for their share of the business.”

Crosbie added: “It’s a largely untapped area of protection and our toolkit has all the resources for advisers keen to develop and grow their business in this area.”

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